We pass a lot of news as people.

Negative popular news is often seen as the only news. Bad events are easily remembered, bad people are more interesting, other's unhappiness helps us forget our own. These ideas are easy to fall into but are they necessarily true? Are they reflected in our news?

This web attempts to show a portion of the news and how we have interacted with it. The size of each node is determined by Facebook interactions up to the current date, while the color shows the sentiment of each article. Those 'unhappy' and 'negative' articles appear stark red, while blue shows those with a 'positive' subject. All politics aside.

The fundamentals of this visualization are present (and functioning!*). While this version pulls only from a static segment of the dataset, the concept is much grander. The news always grows, as does how we view and interact with it.

In a later (potentially hypothetical) version, we will be able to dive deeper into interaction, exploring quantitative changes not only in Facebook but in many of the other ways we share what we read on the internet. For now we will just have to be content with the concept, and forgive the shortcomings of static data, a semi-skewed color scale, and a few hidden numbers. But hey, let's not focus on the negative. The world is beautiful and so are you.