Department of Defense -
Expeditionary Housing Unit

Multiple disciplines come together to help the Department of Defense in their search of a new expeditionary housing unit. Systems Engineering is the foundation for the project, assisting the team in finding the synergistic solution.

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Project Objective

The Department of Defense Systems Engineering Research Center requested that students design and prototype a portable housing system that met the following specification: house 100 people for six months, easily transportable, simple assembly, conservation of water and energy resources, rapidly deployable, modular form, and suitable for all terrains. The request also wanted students to group with other disciplines to use the tactics of Systems Engineering to develop the best possible solution with minimal overhead time.


Who we are?

We are Group 22, a task force of Mechanical Engineers on a mission to work with other disciplines to deliver an innovative and complete solution to the department of defense. Other disciplines involved with this projection include:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Product Architecture Engineering

What we do?

For this project, the Mechanical Engineers really focused on the energy conservation and recycling process. By utilizing any excess heat for additional purposes, we could save the need for supplies or fuel in other parts of the base. Working with the other disciplines on this project allows us to determine what are the essential needs, what are their wastes, and how we can work together to utilize all the resources found on the base.