A tribute to Aiden Michael Fisher and Cathleen Jayne Fisher

DOB: August 1, 2001 (Aiden); September 13, 2003 (Cathleen)

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April 29, 2006. Pictures from Mike's first game as manager (also, Aiden's first baseball game).

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February 3, 2005. And you wonder why I root for the Eagles? How cute is Cathleen here?


August 19, 2004. Another update! And this time, we're talking movies!

1. Mom the actress. AVI file. 2.6 MB.

2. Aiden and the deer. AVI file. 3.1 MB.

3. Cathleen and the wave. AVI file. 4.9 MB. (CAUTION: This is rated PG-13 due to my brother Mike.)


January 7, 2004 (Update, finally!)



March 3, 2002 Pictures (First swim)



Christmas 2001 pictures!



NEWEST picture! November 5, 2001. Correction: BEST PICTURE EVER.





NEW pictures!! October 18, 2001



September 11, 2001




pictures last edited: August 6, 2001

Aiden and Mike's mom (1) ("Is someone else ever going to get to hold me?")


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