Adding the Excel Solver Add-In (for more current versions of MS Office)

The Excel Solver Tool is an 'Add-In' which may not appear after normal installations of the software. To install the add-in:

1. open Excel

2. click the 'Office Symbol' in the upper left hand corner of the Excel window and select 'Excel Options' at the bottom of the pop up window

3. click 'Add Ins' in the left hand side toolbar; this will open a popup window to 'View and Manage MS Office add-ins'

4. at the bottom of the popup window, see 'Manage' and select 'Excel Add-ins' and hit go

5. this will open up a window of Add-Ins. Put a CHECK next to Solver Add In

If successful this will put the Solver tool within the DATA TAB in the Excel program. (You may need to restart Excel for the Add-In to become active)


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