Here are some of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!

  • Water-skiing in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (92 K)
    Days don't get any better than this! (L to R) John, Paul, Andrew, me

  • 'Dillo Day 1996 with my Evanston roommates (88 K)
    Don't ask about the biking helmet... it's a long story

  • My roommates from Pitt - 371 Semple(76 K)
    I can't believe I lived with those slobs!

  • My friends Colleen and Sue with Gene Collier(88 K)
    The internet may have been made to distribute pictures lke this!

  • Did I mention that I went to Atlanta for the Olympics? (72 K)
    Olympic Stadium during a track session. Or seats were 2 rows from the track!

  • My roommate Roger and our car in Atlanta (72 K)
    Sometimes you have to go the extra mile for some style points

  • My best friend Chuck hangs out at 428 Oakland (60 K)
    Chuck is actually married now! Hi Jodi!

  • Chuck and Shannon(68 K)
    Two of my best friends from home

  • My brothersMike and Sean (64 K)
    Those lucky devils look just like their older brother!

  • They don't come much cooler than Sophie(72 K)
    You know that she must be cool to have a sheep named after her!

  • Say, did I forget to mention that my parents have sheep? (56 K)
    Sophie the sheep is on the right! Sheep... it's what for dinner


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