Carcano Image Archive

These are various images that have been picked off the WWW, scanned by us, or from other sources. Thanks to all the sources, even those that, by oversight and/or anonymity, are not indicated.
Image Description Type Size Source
Exploded diagram of Carcano Action GIF 606x589 12988 bytes Gun Parts Corp. 
Dissassembled M91/38 Fucile Corto JPEG 891x492 79469 bytes Paul J. Burke
M38 Fucile Corto compared to Mauser JPEG 1812x1052 286454 bytes Alexander Eichener
M38 Fucile Corto JPEG 844x158 133580 bytes Muzej Novejse Zgodovine (Slovenia)
M38 Folding Bayonet w/scabbard JPEG 565X205 37133 bytes
From Top to Bottom: M91, M91 TS, M91 Cav., M41, M91/24, M91/38, Youth Carbine (Moschetta-Ballila) JPEG 350x285 100548 bytes REME Museum (UK)
M38 Moschetto Cav. JPEG 1596x333 31243 bytes Smileyvania
M91/28 Moschetto T.S. with Trombone Lancia Bombe JPEG 1005x322 42172 bytes Ricky's Gun Room, Inc.
C2766 being held up in the air JPEG 297x329 16821 bytes  
Warren Commission Evidence Photo (Entire Rifle) GIF 621x189 39584 bytes  
Warren Commission Evidence Photo (Closeup of serial number) GIF 251x178 39277 bytes  
Warren Commission Evidence Photo (Close up of receiver and scope) GIF 251x189 41337 bytes  
Mr. Roger McCarthy shooting a scoped Fucile M 1938 in a JFK assassination re-creation experiment GIF 120x97 5531 bytes C-net
1939 7.35x51 Carcano Ammunition Box JPEG 214x246 10339 bytes Gaetano Liberatore
Sporterized Moschetto Cav. (Terni/1936/C5385) GIF 271x342 73198 bytes Matt & Deanna Spears
Blow up of Carcano Carbine Prototype Action JPEG 1323x982 144752 bytes Descendants of Salvatore Carcano

Some links to Carcano images

A few images of Carcani are already available on the World Wide Web, mostly related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. gopher:// is an archive for JFK assassination Pictures, Movies and Sounds. Be careful, some images are large and may take time to load: