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Master Lists of firearms-related mailing lists

One of Alexander's favourite guns and outdoor writers (there are not many, he's too choosy) is Carolee Boyles. Check out her website: no fluff and superfluous web gimmicks, but many impressive articles.
Another highly esteemed website is that of Father Frog. Excellent judgement and lots of ballistic info. I also like his humour.
Off the road recommendation: Women's Firearm Network by Keeva Segal (who is an excellent web-designer, incidentally).
The OG's (Kirby Sanders') Firearms Page, with a lot of curio & relics stuff.
Specific Firearm Webpages
Pages dedicated to specific makes and models of firearms




Italian Links

Here is a web page containing general information on the cities of Terni and Brescia, where so many Carcani were manufactured.
And here are maps with the location of Terni and Brescia.
The Italian National Artillery Museum in Torino also has a webpage (warning: may load very slowly).
The world famous factory of Pietro Beretta, which ranks among, if it be not the world's oldest firearms manufacturer(s), and which also produced many Carcani, offers a nice and informative bilingual website mainly about their present program.
The Weapons Museum of Torre Annunziata lies on the foot of the Vesuvio; Carcani were made in this government arsenal from 1892 to before World War I (city website transfered to an unknown location - please help us find it again).
The city of Brescia is famous for its firearms and also has a "Museo delle armi" in the Castello interno.
Italian Target Shooting Union, affiliated to the ISSF.
Federazione Italiana Collezionisti d'Armi - Italian gun collectors' association.
List of Italian OPAC library catalogues.
An Italian language Fidonet area on firearms, available via a WWW interface (offline now).
Italian language firearms chatboard on the Web, until now very little-known and hardly linked to at all (offline presently).
An excellently comprehensive Italian firearms site has been assembled by Edoardo Mori, an Italian judge.
Italian Firearms Collectors' Website (in lingua italiana).
Italian Postal Service - you would not want to miss this rightly famous institution :-).

Official Italian Army Website - cumbersome initial graphics load very slowly, but one can find a lot of information inside.
Ufficio Storico dell'Esercito Italiano - The Italian Army's Center of Military History
Official Carabinieri Website

German Firearms Links

Organization Websites

WWW-Based Firearms Message Boards

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German language boards

As an addition:
Ebay's online auction site, recently with a harsh gun-unfriedly policy - they have now banned all firearms and ammunition.
Ebay search template
Search Ebay for "Carcano"

Auctionarms; not very large yet, and often down, but very clearly designed. Is rapidly growing now after eBay's anti-gun decision and deserves support.
cyber-auctions.com, also with (still few) guns.

Search Engines and Indices for WWW and News

Suchfibel an excellent German language guide to searching in the Net.
www.searchenginewatch.com The corresponding English language site - all you ever wanted to know about search engines, and then some more.

CAUTION: If you only enter Carcano as a single search term in any search engine, you will likely be drowned in an avalanche of webpages about the famous Carcano Theatre, Italian printing shops with the owner's name of Carcano and the JFK assassination. Try to combine search terms such as Carcano rifle(s), Carcano carbine(s), or Carcano ammo, or to exclude words like "kennedy" and "teatro" with the NO operator.
AOL NetFind
Infoseek Guide
SCOTT'S INTERNET HOTLIST. Outdated, but still useful.
Starting Point
Virgilio, good Italian search engine.
Shinyseek, mediocre Italian search engine
web.de, German search engine

Reciprocal List of Webpages which link to the Carcano Home Page

This listing is still incomplete; we are just beginning. If you have linked your page to the Carcano homepage and would like to see a reciprocal link, please drop us an email note.

Empire Arms of Dennis Kroh (see our Sources List for a description)
Fulton Armory of Clint McKee
Mosin-Nagant homepage of Tuco (Brent Snodgrass), mostly on Russian MN's
Sociedad Largo (for enthusiasts of the 9 x 23 mm Largo/Bergmann-Bayard cartridge and its firearms)
US Johnson M 1941 automatic rifle, with superb web design, beautiful pages ! A "must see".
Derrick Lathem's Firearms Page.
Very cut-and-dried, but excellently comprehensive URL list of William Blair.
Roman's "Firearms in Russia" homepage, very informative - have a look into that other world.
The Belgian Gun Page by Roderick Gors - excellent project, lots of info, but design and clearness still leave a bit to be desired.
Mark Lathan's site with the links on the index1.htm page.
Shooting News is a rapidly evolving Swiss German-language clearing house for firearms-related information, which also has a (still incomplete) English version.
Private homepage of a German blackpowder shooter, with "schlinks.htm"
Another German shooter's homepage, with large (and slowly loading) links list
Large German gun and links page.
One of the few French gun pages, rather thin.
Another French firearms site, badly designed and very hard to navigate.
A physics page with ballistic links (not existent anymore
"Against abuses of Government" , with a "gunlinks.htm"
Will Johnson's site of the Garden city Trap Club, with a related.htm links page
Links Page of T & T Surplus Inc.; they also have a webboard.
P & S Guns and Militaria linkpage
P & S Guns and Militaria
from Canada (well, Quebec...), and their links page and other links page.
www.oldrifles.com/Italian.htm, by Dr. J. Michael Kerrigan.
The Kneiper's small linkpage
David Wisniewski also has a Dillon Blue Press Articles Archive accessible online.
Italian parachutist site.
Axiseuropa is a small publisher and bookshop with military history titles that may be of interest to some of our readers. This mentioning does not constitute an endorsement of any political views this site may possibly hold or suggest or be suspected of.
Sonja and Curt Ellison, dealers in collector rifles.

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