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Short Bio

Ioannis Agadakos is a professional Computer Engineer, with an emphasis in Computer Science. He holds a Diploma* in Electronic and Computer Engineering and a MSc in Embedded Systems, both from the Technical University of Crete. Currently he is a PhD candidate at the Computer Science department in Stevens Institute of Technology, supervised by Dr. Georgios Portokalidis. His current research interests revolve around Privacy and Security in the Internet of Things and Control Flow Integrity. On January 2016 he will start his third year in the PhD program.

Before Stevens

After attaining his Diploma, he was employed by Intralot; a leading international company providing cutting edge lottery and entertainment IT services. He was part of the Horizon R&D team where he worked for 3 and a half years a software developer. During his time in the company he developed and maintained several platforms, his main focus was a high performance central control&management platform, able to handle and control several (tens of) thousand terminals. Besides his primary R&D focus, he served as a launch engineer for the control system of the Horizon platform in Vermont(USA) and Amsterdam(Holland). During his final year in the company he initiated his Master's studies, which for a time he pursued in parallel with his work in the company. While pursuing his graduate studies he also enlisted for his mandatory army service. He served for one year in the 79 National Guard, positioned in Samos. After being honorably discharged he continued working towards his degree, leaving the company to focus towards new found interest in research. By 2013 he started working as a researcher in the Geo Informatics Lab under Dr Partsinevelos, later on this year he defended his Master's Thesis and received his degree first of his class. Since then besides his ongoing work in the GeoLab he has completed a number of projects as a private contractor for other research teams in the Technical University of Crete. In his spare time he pursues many different activities; he is an avid sportsman and seaman, an enthusiastic fun of fantasy fiction, Lovecraft and Howard amongst his favourite writters.

* 5 year program

Main Research Interests

Security and Privacy
Under the guidance of Dr. Portokalidis my current research is mainly oriented (but not only) around the IoT, and how it can be useful as an authentication mechanism without compromising a users privacy. At the same time I am interested on how sensitive information can be propagated without users consent and used to infer a persons identity or status.
Web Technologies

Again as an undergraduate student, I  was taught the principles of web based applications and databases, and was interested in both. This relationship got stronger in my time in Intralot, where one of my main responsibilities was the development of a high performance, robust  web application written in Java2EE.  

Embedded Systems

During my time  in both academia and industry, I have worked in a number of embedded systems. Having studied them as early as a postgraduate student I  was awed by the idea that a small device, should be able to run in hostile environments with no maintenance and no fail rate.  Since then I  performed both my undergraduate Thesis and my Masters Thesis on embedded systems. Whether they have a real time operating system or the more elaborate and lustrous Linux O/S.