Research Areas

  1. System Reliability Analysis & Optimization

  2. Modeling of Sensor Network

  3. Evolutionary Optimization & Applications of Data Mining

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Very very super short summary of my life:

I was born in Mexico City in the morning of August 28 1974 to Alida A. Marquez and Jose O. Ramirez. After finishing high-school, I was lucky enough to attend the UNAM; the best educational and research university in Mexico [1]. And after four years, I got my degree in Actuarial Science. Then, I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study at Rutgers University where under the guidance of my advisors David Coit & Michael Tortorella, I obtained my Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering in 2004. I have been working at Stevens Institute of Technology ever since and currently act as the Director of the Enterprise Science and Engineering Division.

Jose Emmanuel Ramirez-Marquez (Pollo)