Workshop Program


9:00 – 9:15 Welcome Remarks 

Session 1: Security and Privacy in Mobile Networks 
(Session Chair TBA)

9:15AM – 9:40AM EndSec: An End-to-End Message Security Protocol for Mobile Telecommunication Networks

      Kameswari Kotapati, Peng Liu, Thomas La Porta (Penn State University) 

9:40AM – 10:05AM Camouflaging Mobility for Itinerary Privacy in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

      Lei Tang and Xiaoyan Hong (University of Alabama) 

10:05AM – 10:35AM Break 

Session 2: Key Management 

(Session Chair TBA)

10:35 – 11:00AM A Self-healing Key Distribution Scheme Based on Vector Space Secret Sharing and One Way Hash Chains

      Biming Tian, Song Han, Tharam S. Dillon (Curtin University of Technology, Australia) and Sajal Das (University of Texas at Arlington) 

11:00AM – 11:25AM A Reliable Topology for Efficient Key Distribution in Ad-Hoc Networks

      Kenji Miyao, Hidehisa Nakayama, Nirwan Ansari, Yoshiaki Nemoto and Nei Kato (Tohoku University and New Jersey Institute of Technology) 

11:25AM – 11:50AM On the Scalability of an Efficient "Nonscalable" Key Distribution Scheme

      Mahalingam Ramkumar (Mississippi State University) 

12:00PM – 13:30PM Lunch 

Session 3: Security in Wireless Sensor Networks 

(Session Chair TBA)

13:45PM – 14:10PM Wireless Networks Security:Proof of ChopChop Attack

      Mouhcine Guennoun, Aboubakr Lbekkouri, Khalil El-Khatib, Amine Benamrane (Faculté des Sciences de Rabat, France) and Mohamed Ben-Tahir (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) 

14:10PM – 14:35PM Secure Data Recollection for Redundantly Deployed Wireless Sensor Networks

      Luis E. Palafox, J. Antonio Garcia-Macias (CICESE Research Center) 

14:40PM – 15:15PM Break 

Session 4: Authentication 

(Session Chair TBA)

15:15PM – 15:40PM Multicarrier Authentication at the Physical Layer

      Paul Yu, John S. Baras (University of Maryland) and Brian M. Sadler (Army Research Laboratory) 

15:40PM – 16:05PM Improving the Resiliency of  Ariadne

      Kulasekaran Sivakumar and Mahalingam Ramkumar (Mississippi State University) 

16:05PM – 16:20PM Closing Remarks