The Noise and Vibration Control Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering was formally dedicated in May 1981, with the support of members of the Class of 1929. It houses a full range of sophisticated equipment, including multi-channel signal analyzers, instrumentation tape recorders, precision sound level meters and vibration-related instruments. The major feature of the laboratory is an anechoic chamber, one of the most important facilities for acoustical and noise control research. The anechoic chamber provides a sound-proof test environment. It was donated to Stevens in component form by the IBM corporation in Poughkeepsie, New York under the auspices of their Technical Gift Program. The anechoic chamber is used for instructional and research purposes.

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7/05/08: Noise Con 2008

Dr. M.G. Prasad, Rajavel Balaguru, and Kitu Kumar are attending Noise Con 2008 from Aug. 28-31, 2008. Click on the links below for more information:

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