MA 346 - Spring 2007
Numerical Methods

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This course begins with a brief introduction to writing programs in a higher level language, such as Mathematica. Students are taught fundamental principles regarding machine representation of numbers, types of computational errors, and propagation of errors. The numerical methods include finding zeros of functions, solving systems of linear equations, interpolation and approximation of functions, numerical integration and differentiation, and solving initial value problems of ordinary differential equations.

Prerequisite: MA 116; Corequisite: MA 221 or permission of the instructor.

Richard L. Burden, J. Douglas Faires: Numerical Analysis, 8th Edition, Thomson, 2005
available for downloading at "storage01"
Information on how to access "storage01" may be found at:

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Ma 346-A MW 12:30-01:45pm Burchard 430 Prof. Zabarankin

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