Our Mission

Our proposal embodies a shared vision with Habitat for Humanity: everyone deserves safe, comfortable homes that are affordable. Taking this vision beyond the National Mall, the team will be constructing two homes. A 1,000 square-foot, one-bedroom home with a 300 square-foot accessible roof garden will be showcased on the Mall as part of the Solar Decathlon. A second home will be constructed in partnership with Habitat for Humanity in the DC neighborhood of Deanwood. At the conclusion of the Solar Decathlon, the house on the National Mall will be moved to Deanwood, expanded into a two-bedroom unit and joined together with the second unit to create a two-family home for residents of Deanwood. While each unit will be sustainable on its own, it will achieve peak energy efficiency when joined. The ultimate goal is to bring our knowledge of net-zero building technologies to create a new model for Habitat for Humanity.

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