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21 May 2019
Steph receives the Stevens 2019 Early Career Award for Research Excellence

15 May 2019
Submissions are now being accepted for the 2019 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston! Steph is the lead organizer for Symposium FF04: Crystal Engineering of Functional Materials - Solution-Based Strategies. Submit your abstracts here through June 13!

13 May 2019
Congrats to Yi for passing his PhD oral qualifying exam!

30 Apr 2019
Kai's paper on the nanoporous scaffold-directed crystal growth of solution-processed organic semiconductors into vertical arrays has been accepted to Crystal Growth & Design

18 Apr 2019
Zhuoqiang successfully defends his PhD thesis, "Manipulation of Colloidal Crystal Structures using External Forces." Congrats, Dr. Jia!!!

19 Mar 2019
Xiaoqing's paper on using nanoconfinement to shift the thermodynamics of solid-state phase transitions in all-inorganic perovskites has been accepted to ACS Applied Energy Materials

20 Feb 2019
Jing and Xiaoqing's paper on viscoelastic phase separation in P3HT gels to improve solar cell performance has been accepted to ACS Applied Polymer Materials

16 Jan 2019
We made the local news! See the Hoboken Patch article on our group's research here

07 Dec 2018
Steph's NSF CAREER proposal, "Engineering Arrays of Organic Light Harvesting Crystals from Solution," has been awarded! This program is NSF's most "prestigious award in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and lead to advances in the mission of their department or organization." Read the press release here

20 Nov 2018
Steph is awarded a $20k Stevens Bridging Grant to support her research group's efforts in using nanoconfinement to stabilize metal halide perovskites for solar cell applications

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Our research focuses on novel solution-processable hybrid materials for optoelectronic applications. Current research interests include: 
  • Sheared induced crystallization of organic semiconductor nanocomposites
  • Guided self-assembly of colloids for photonic applications
  • Crystal engineering of hybrid inorganic-organic dyes and organic small molecules for solar cell applications

Located on the Hudson River bank in New Jersey, our laboratory has a  panoramic view of New York City.

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