Senior Design is a two (2) semester course that requires students to complete real-life engineering projects.  For the 2009-2010 academic year, group three (3) formed a team to compete in the 2010 SAE Aero Design East Competition in Texas.  The group is made up of William Gerboth, Jonathan Landis, Scott Munro, and Harold Pahlck.

The goal of the Heavy Lift Cargo Plane project is to design, build and fly a modular, radio-controlled aircraft that is capable of lifting as much weight as possible while not exceeding given length, width, and height restrictions. In addition, the airplane must utilize a specified engine. The team will focus mainly on the design of the airfoil, tail, and fuselage in order to accomplish this task. Since composites are not allowed, the team will have to design the plane while using minimum materials in order to create a lightweight vehicle. The overall goal of the team is to complete the design to the specifications of the SAE Regular Class Aero Design Competition by April 2010 although the team will not be competing in the competition due to overbooking of the competition.