Postdoctoral postions in experimental photonics open; contact us!

Graduate assistantships available; Join us!

2018/2: Quantum corner! A good beginning...

2017/11: Entering phase II of the photonic sensing project. Nice work, Team. A lot more to do

2017/8: Stephaine received Stanley PhD fellowship. Congrats

2017/6: Jiayang and Lac received the I&E PhD Fellowship. Congrats

2017/6: Ivan joined ARDEC following a SMART fellowship. Congrats

2017/4: Lab for Quantum Informatics in Finance established. Way to go

2017/1/23: Irwin was named a scholar of the 76th annual Science Talent Search. Congrats!

2016/12/1: Our photonics sensing project was funded!

2016/8/2: Our EFRI proposal was funded by NSF!

2016/3/23: Jiayang received the I&E PhD Fellowship. Congrats!

2016/7/15: Zeke was awarded Research Scholarship from the Center for Healthcare Innovation. Congrats!

2016/4/18: Ivan was awarded I&E Summer Research Scholarship. Congrats!

2016/3/29: Stephanie received a New Jersey Space Grant. Congrats!

2016/2/1: Quantum Computing and Physics Colloquim Series installed at Stevens

2016/1/10: We have finished construction on our new lab in the Burchard Physics Building. Click HERE for a tour of our new facilities!

2015/10/1: Center for Distributed Quantum Computing has been established at Stevens, currently joined by 11 research groups from 5 Departments! Visit us at

2015/9/18: Kickoff to Lunch Seminar Series for Distributed Quantum Computing! Join us to discuss future computers while enjoying free pizza every Friday at noon!

2015/9/2: We received a MRI grant from National Science Foundation. PI is Prof. Stefan Strauf at SIT.

2015/8/31: We received a grant from Office of Naval Research to develop techniques for weather-resistant quantum key distribution! Co-PIs are Prof. Martini and Prof. Yu at SIT.

2015/8/4: We received a grant from National Science Foundation to develop photonic chips for deterministic quantum computing and communications! Co-PI is Prof. Amy Forster at John Hopkins.

2015/7/13: Ivan Dickson was awarded Research Scholarship from the Center for Healthcare Innovation. Congrats!

2015/4/16: Silvio Maione was awarded I&E Summer Research Scholarship. Congrats!

Welcome to QuEST, Laboratory for Quantum Enhanced Systems and Technology, newly established at Stevens Institute of Technology, residing at Castle Point on Hudson and viewing NYC.

At QuEST, we employ quantum mechanics to better understand the world around us and hope to make some changes thereby. Being die-hard fans of quantum, we particularly believe in quantum technology having strong PRACTICAL relevance. To this end, we strive to develop mass-producible, highly-intergrated, turn-key, and room-temperature quantum devices capable of outperforming their classical competitors with reasonable overhead.

Areas of Research

Specifically, we explore several frontiers at the boundaries of quantum physics, information science, nanoengineering, biomedical techniques, and green energy, as illustrated above. While quantum mechanics implies exotic technologies not possible with classical methods, its advantages are often blurred, if not vanishing, in practical settings. Our belief, however, is that when engineered correctly, quantum devices can outperform their classical counterparts by far. At QuEST, good physics and great engineering go hand in hand to identify, create, and realize those opportunities emerging in highly-interdisciplinary areas.

*We always welcome motivated students and scholars. Please contact Prof. Yuping Huang ( if you also believe in what we do. At this moment, we have multiple postdoctoral positions and graduate assistantship available. We also support work-study students!