Quantum biomedics

Quantum-Enhanced Biomedical Imaging and Treatment

The last decades have witnessed how quantum coherence transformed a multitude of atomic and optical technologies. Applying to biological processes, a new set of tools can be developed that enable unprecedented understanding of ourselves and the nature, and eventually help battle against diseases.

quantum computing

Quantum Processing on Chip

There has been tremendous progress in contructing quantum computers using matter qubits, such as trapped atoms, ions, and superconductors. We explore an all-photonics avenue using lowloss linear optics and extreme nonlinear optics on chip to build room-temperature, robust, scalable, integrated quantum circuits, which could demonstrate quantum supremacy for certain limited computational tasks in the near term but eventually leads to general-purpose photonic quantum computers in the future.

Quantum Communications

High-dimensional Quantum Communications

We are undertaking novel engineering approach to robust quantum communications in challenging environment including vastly high-dimensional coding, and choosing unconventional wavelengths for free-space links.

Remote Sensing

Quantum remote sensing

We have demonstrated quantum parametric mode sorting, a programmable filter based fast nonlinear optics, overcome the performance limit of linear time-frequency filters. It opens doors to exotic applications in remote sensing and ranging.

Environmental applications

We utilize new capabilities through advanced quantum photonics to detect and assess atmosphere conditions, chemical compounds, etc., from distant locations.

Optical Information Processing

Attojoule Photonics

Information crisis is impending, if not here already. Existing platforms have proven unable to handle booming information. We work to address this challenge by pushing all-optical technologies to the attojoule regime, which amounts to ~10 photons per pulse.