Ph.D. Research Colloquium Series
Thursday 4:00 - 5:00 pm, BC 104, Spring 2013

Date Guest Speaker Title (click the title to see the abstract)
Jan 31 Panagiotis Repoussis (Stevens) Multi-period Vehicle Routing Problems with Consistent Service Constraints
Feb 28 Rongjuan Chen (Stevens) Perspective Matters: Sharing of Crisis Information in Social Media
Mar 21 Gaurav Sabnis (Stevens) The Impact of Asymmetric Multi-Market Competition on Competitive Interactions of User-Generated Content
Apr 4 Murad Mithani (Stevens) Organizational learning and the continuity of adaptive success
Apr 11 Fang-Chun Liu (Stevens) Impact of R&D Investment and Workforce Education on the Performance of Information Technology Firms
May 2 Doug Markant (NYU) Into the unknown: How uncertainty guides active learning (a blog entry)
May 9 Vartuhi Tonoian (Stevens) Are Women Less "Jack-of-All-Trades" than Men? An Empirical Test of Lazear's Theory of Entrepreneurship