Dr. Yu-Dong Yao

IEEE Fellow

Professor and Department Director

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology

Castle Point on Hudson

Hoboken, NJ 07030


Tel:  (201) 216-5264; Fax:  (201) 216-8246

E-mail: yyao @ stevens.edu

Web page:  http://personal.stevens.edu/~yyao


Research interests

  • Wireless communications and networks

    • Cochannel interference analysis

    • Random access protocols

    • Cognitive and software-defined radio


  • Antennas and RF

    • Antenna arrays and beamforming

    • SDR and RF test bed

    • Impulse radiating antennas


List of publications (Journal papers, conference papers, patents)



Other wireless related courses:


Acknowledgment. Research sponsors: DARPA, GBT, Lucent, MERL, NJCHE, NJCST, NSF, ONR, U.S. Army CECOM, U.S. Army MRMC, U.S. Army TACOM/ARDEC, WiNSeC

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