A tri-coloured Italian bar frames the headline


A tri-coloured Italian bar frames the headline
A colour overview picture of seven Carcano models from the REME Museum of Technology (Great Britain) is supposed to be displayed here
Click on the picture for a (now corrected) description of the portrayed Carcani in the REME Museum of Technology.

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Statement of Purpose

This set of WWW pages is dedicated to the Carcano, the main Italian military longarms system from its initial design in 1891 (the ministerial adoption followed in 1892) to the end of World War II and and even longer.
The project has been undertaken in order to provide a concentrated online reference to the Carcano, and to dispell a lot of erroneous and non-fact-based hearsay, which has for too long a time confused the historical perception and evaluation of these rifles and carbines.
These webpages do not purport to substitute the existing literature, but rather attempt to offer an easy "entry" and to give you some initial information.


This page was written by Alexander Eichener, with additions and WWW editing by Gaetano Liberatore.
Special thanks to Richard J. Hobbs, author of The Carcano, for allowing us to use excerpts from his very recommendable book.
Special thanks to Dave Emary for his article on the real world aspects of shooting the Carcano rifles.
And to Tom Caceci and Ken Karcich, who warmly supported the first ideas of the project, and to Dionigi Maladorno with his many contributions and frequent help.

Table of Contents

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