Ph.D. Candidate @ School of Business,
Stevens Institute of Technology

Computational social science,
Online collaboration

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Information Systems in the School of Business at Stevens Institute of Technology. My advisor is Dr. Jeffrey V. Nickerson.

My research interests lie in the origins, dynamics and consequences of collective group behavior in open collaboration platforms and social media platforms. In my research, I use methods from the computational sciences, including machine learning and network science, to answer fundamental questions in social science relating to collective behavior. In particular, I am interested in social processes an events that do not reflect existing social structure, but that instead emerge in a spontaneous way. My goal is to understand how groups of people collaborate to generate ideas and plans, and make them actionable.

  • Current Projects

    Coordination through sub-groups

    While current theories of peer production suggest that individuals work alone on tasks and create content without collaborating with others; an increasing amount of content emerges from groups of people working collectively in open collaboration communities (e.g., WikiProjects, Floss teams). Given that content can be generated either by several people working together as a group or by those same people working individually, does it matter which work arrangement or collaboration structure is employed? Are some collaboration structures more conducive to productivity than others?

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  • Publications

    Similar, Yet Diverse: A Recommender System

    A recommender system exploits the users’ opinions and purchasing history in order to extract a set of interesting items for each user. However, recommending items that are very similar to users’ interests can result in too analogous recommendations that fail to engage the users. To overcome this obstacle, we have designed a tag-based recommender system that generates diversified recommendations for Scratch online community.

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