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Professor Ronald Besser
Microchemical Systems (MCS) are miniature, microfabricated systems with chemical and fluidic functionality, and characteristic dimensions in the range 1-1000 mm. They possess distinct advantages over conventional chemical systems, primarily due to their extraordinarily high surface-to-volume ratios leading to superb transport properties for heat and mass.

With experience in Silicon Valley industry and academic training (Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley) in chemical and materials engineering specializating in semiconductor materials and device development, Dr. Besser entered the world of MCS in 1999 by accepting an associate professorship at Louisiana Tech University. At Tech, he was a group leader in the Institute for Micromanufacturing, a center dedicated to the development of micro- and nano-fabricated devices. While at Tech he developed one of the few international groups pursuing MCS.

Since 2002, Dr. Besser has been a professor of Chemical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, and a principal in the New Jersey Center for Microchemical Systems at Stevens. His current focus is on understanding the critical limitations of MCS in a variety of applications. Current projects involve pharmaceutical compound synthesis, process control in the context of MCS, processing of liquid hydrocarbon fuels into hydrogen for fuel cells, and generation of oxygen for compact, air-independent fuel cell systems.

Compact/Portable Fuel Cells and Fuel Processing

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Brief on accomplishments and capabilities for research in MCS for portable power, Besser group. View brief.
Read about preferential oxidation of CO in a microfabricated reactor. View paper by Ouyang, Besser, et al.
Heat transfer limitations of reactors for preferential oxidation of CO. View paper by Ouyang, Besser, et al.
Steam reforming of methanol (MeOH) in a microreactor. View poster by Shah, Besser, et al.
Overview of microchemical systems. View presentation by R. Besser.
Thin-film catalysts in microchannels. View paper by Bednarova, Besser, et al.

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