@ Stevens Institute of Technology (2017 - now):
CPE/EE 695: Applied Machine Learning
This course aims to introduce basic machine learning algorithms and their applications in real problems in addition to fundamental theories underneath these algorithms. Students will have extensive hands-on experiences which prepare them with problem solving capabilities in real applications.
Offered by: Prof. Yu; Semester: Fall 2017, Fall/Spring 2018
@ University of Arkansas at Little Rock (2010 - 2017):
CPSC 7399: Selected Topic - Cloud Computing Security
This course emphasizes on security, privacy and the associated efficiency issue with cloud computing through extensive discussion on the cutting edge research papers. The goal of this course is to familiarize students with the basic concepts and models of cloud computing, major security/privacy challenges, state-of-the-art security solutions, performance and efficiency issues associated with cloud. This course will also educate students how to identify security issues and approach solutions for these issues with techniques such as cryptography.
Offered by: Prof. Yu; Semester: Spring 2014, Spring 2012, Fall 2010
CPSC 4376/5376: Applied Cryptography
This course introduces the basic principles and practice of applied cryptography. In particular, it covers the basic concepts in number theory and finite fields, symmetric cryptography (such as DES, AES, block ciphers and stream ciphers), asymmetric cryptography (such as RSA, ElGamal, Elliptic Curves Cryptography), cryptographic hash functions, message authentication codes, digital signature algorithms, and basic cryptanalysis methods.
Offered by: Prof. Yu; Semester: Spring 2015, Spring 2013, Spring 2011
CPSC 2382: Computer System & Assembly Language
This class gives an introduction to computer system architecture and assembly language programming. It will cover the topics such as x86 processor architecture, data representation, instruction set and addressing modes of x86 processors, assembly programming, mixing programming with assembly and c/c++. It will discuss the skills for assembling, linking, executing, and tracing of assembly programs as well as design and implementation of a variety of practical problems using assembly language.
Offered by: Prof. Yu; Semester: Spring 2015, Fall/Spring 2014, Fall/Spring 2013, Fall/Spring 2012, Fall/Spring 2011
CPSC 1375: Programming I
This course can be succinctly described as an introduction to elementary programming and problem-solving techniques via the C++ programming language. After a brief survey of the history of computing, the course will heavily focus on programming. Major topics will include: loop control, decision-making, input/output, files, constants and variables, character and numeric information, data types and expressions, strings, one- and multi-dimensional arrays, functions and procedures, and introduction to record structures.
Offered by: Prof. Yu; Semester: Fall 2013, Fall 2012, Fall 2011, Fall 2010
CPSC 4392: Capstone Project
The objective of this course is to prepare students for the next step in their careers, whether that step is in the working world or graduate school. Student will compile (or prepare) a porfolio of their complete undergraduate work as well as any professional work accomplished while in school, and will create a capstone programming project to demonstrate their "cumulative" expertise in pursuing a career in computer science.
Offered by: Prof. Yu; Semester: Spring 2012