Research Funding

My research is supported by:

1) NSF CAREER: "Multitrack Read Channel Designs for Modern Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording",

2) NSF CRII: CIF: "Machine Learning Based Equalization Towards Multitrack Synchronization and Detection in Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording" .

Prospective Students

I have open PhD positions for students with strong background in Machine Learning libraries and Communication Theory. Prospective students please read this page.

Research Areas

Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning in Assistive Technologies as well as in solving Communication Theory problems.

Communication Theory

We design receivers (detectors) for new genertions of data Storage devices such as Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording.

Signal Processing

We work on Signal Processing algorithms for Assistive Technology and also Telecommunication applications.

Brain-Computer Interface

We process EEG Signals to extract user issued commands and transfer them to outside applications.