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Here is a page for undergraduate students research (stat class)

Information for employment after graduation (Ph.D. mostly)

Information about the application process (Academia): LSU site, AMS notices, UIUC link

Job sites: MathJobs.org, AMS, Postdoctoral jobs, MAA, SIAM, Chronicle, Phds.org, IMS, ASA

Latex information:

Please consult the page maintained by my friend Brad Johnson here.

For windows specific information about latex please use winedt as the editor. Stevens has a number of licenses available (please see me or Brian Moriarty about getting a license). Also a very useful set of tools and an automatic installer for them written by JErik is available here (and here - homepage of the tool). Make sure to select Jerik's optional settings and appearance when installing - that is the real power of the tool.

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