CHE - 345

Chemical Process Control, Modeling and Simulation

Prof. Simon Podkolzin

Spring 2017

Tuesday 4:00-5:40 PM and Thursday 4:00-4:50 PM in Babbio Center 122


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Team Projects 

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1 Andrew Accardi
Peter Campbell
Anthony Campesi
Alexander Gutwillig
Karol Oldziej
Paul Wyka

Patent US9580571B2.pdf

ExxonMobil: Aromatic Acylation with Cyclic Anhydride for Plasticizer Production


Presentation        Model


2 James Betz
Harold Rogers
Andrew Sanderson
Stephanie Schnelzer
Pat Stanton
Lauren Shirley

Patent  US9585418B2.pdf

PepsiCo, Inc.: Method of Producing Rebaudioside D Sweetened Diet Carbonated Soft Drinks


Presentation        Model


3 Brianna Evans
Jonathan Karkoska
Nicholas Minervini
Morgan Mostow
Emily Olsen
Julia Smith
Victoria Taibe

Patent US9587132B2.pdf

DuPont: Thermoformable Polymer Thick Film Transparent Conductor and its Use in Capacitive Switch Circuits


Presentation        Model-1

Model-2       Description

4 Rebecca Barresi
Thomas Carlson
Pola Farinas
Miguel Rivera
Armando Rosa
Emily Suriano

Patent US9592413B2.pdf

Honeywell: Azeotrope-Like Compositions of Cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-Hexafluoro-2-Butene


Presentation        Model


5 Danielle Adams,
Paige Brown
Andreas Buehlmann
Cristina Chiacchiero
Brittany Jewett
Jovanna Manzari
Lauren McTigue

Patent US9556162B2.pdf

Bristol-Myers Squibb: Compound for the Treatment of Hepatitis C


Presentation        Model


6 Madison Annitto
Noelle Cafone
Nicolas Gural
Lindsey Mahnken
Jillian Morneau
Preston Ragonese,
Jordan Stuart

Patent US9611442B2.pdf

International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.: 3-(Cyclohex-1-en-1-yl)Propionates and Their Use in Perfume Compositions


Presentation        Model


7 Athina Glindmeyer
Muyang Guan
Kaitlyn Molnar
William Murtishaw
Ping Qu
Caitlynn Reilly
Handun Zhang

Patent US9567333B2.pdf

Merck: Triazolopyridyl Compounds as Aldosterone Synthase Inhibitors

Presentation        Model


8 Dakota Baumann
Ian Diguilio
Geoffrey Lim
Ravi Patel
Inna Petrusenko
Trent Reichert
David Schulz

Patent US9302248B2.pdf

Evonik: Particulate Superabsorbant Polymer Composition Having Improved Stability


Presentation        Model


9 Jeffrey Corson
Ryan DeFelice
Jackson Domenech
Daniel Fortino
Christian Marsala
Dean Seus
David Stein

Patent US9533295B2.pdf

BASF: Pt-Pd Diesel Oxidation Catalyst with CO/HC Light-Off and HC Storage Function


Presentation        Model



Special thanks to Ziyu Tang for taking the pictures.

Many thanks for all the hard work to the TA Jason Robbins.



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