Micro Device Laboratory (MDL)


Slides for General Information about MDL




1.       Refrigerator:

2.       Hot plate:

3.       Convection oven:

4.       Spin coater:

5.       Mask aligner: Suss MicroTec MA/BA6

6.       Wet bench:


Wet Etching


1.       Wet bench:


Dry Etching


1.       XeF2 etcher: XACTIX Xetch e1

2.       Deep reactive ion etcher (DRIE): BMR DSE-200 Deep Silicon Etcher

3.       Reactive ion etcher (RIE):

4.       PR stripper/asher:




1.       Thermal evaporator: LADD Research filament evaporator

2.       Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECDV): 




1.       Microscope:

2.       Ellipsometer:

3.       Profilometer:

4.       Scanning electron microscope (SEM): FEI/Philips XL-40 Turbo SEM, SN D 639 (tungsten emission source, 30 keV)

5.       Atomic force microscope (AFM):

6.       Probe station:

7.       Nanomanipulator: Zyvex KZ100




1.       Spin dryer:




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