1.       Prof. Costas Chassapis PI of $3M NSF grant for Multiscale Engineered Systems Research (March 2008)

Professor Costas Chassapis of Mechanical Engineering is PI of a recently awarded $3M grant from NSF's Graduate Education Division and the GK-12 program. The grant will provide support for up to 10 Stevens doctoral students per year over a 5 year period conducting research in the broad area of multiscale engineered systems. As part of the GK-12 program, PhD students will disseminate their research results to several participating high schools within the framework of the New Jersey Alliance for Engineering Education (NJAEE). The team includes Professors Sven Esche and Frank Fisher from Mechanical Engineering, Professor Rustam Stolkin from CEOE, Professor Lechler from the Howe School, and Elisabeth McGrath, Director of the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE). US citizens and permanent residents who are interested in this program and enrolling in the PhD program at Stevens should email Professor Chassapis for more information. For more information, see the Stevens press release here.


2.       Prof. EH Yang's paper one of the most-accessed articles in the journal Nanotechnology for the Year 2007 (Jan 2008)

Prof. EH Yang (Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering) was co-author on a paper that was one of the most-accessed articles in the journal Nanotechnology in the area of 'Patterning and Nanofabrication' for the Year 2007. The article, entitled 'Hierarchical Magnetic Assembly of Nanowires' was also selected as the cover article in the May 23, 2007 issue of the journal.


3.       Professor Chang-Hwan Choi's work selected as Image of Year 2007 in Biomaterials (Jan 2008)

An image from a paper by Prof. Chang-Hwan Choi and co-workers at UCLA was selected as one of 12 Images of the Year 2007 by the journal Biomaterials (click here). The article describes the use of well-defined nanostructures on silicon surfaces to study how cells sense and respond to the three-dimensional nature of their environment. The selected figure shows a fluorescence microscopy image of an immunostained fibroblast cell grown on the three-dimensional sharp-tip nanostructures. The abstract of the article is here.


4.       Prof. Yang receives AFOSR grant for carbon nanotube research. (Jan 2008)

Prof. Yang (PI) and his team was awarded a 3 year Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) grant for CNT research. The project team consists of 3 Stevens faculty members (Profs. Yang and Fisher of Mechanical Engineering, and Prof. Strauf in Physics and Engineering Physics) and Prof. Dan Choi at the University of Idaho. The team will exploit novel CNT structures and investigate their electron energy properties for future high-speed, low-power electronics applications.


5.       The 1st Stevens ME Dept. MEMS/NEMS Student Meeting at the Stevens Institute of Technology on October 19, 2007.

On October 19 (2007), more than 20 students who specilized in MEMS/Nano areas at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Stevens Institute of Technology met together to introduce themselves, meet with professors who are currently leading MEMS/Nano researches at the ME Dept., and learn about current research activities made among the groups.


6.       The 1st Annual Liberty Metro Area MEMS/NEMS Workshop at the Stevens Institue of Technology on July 23, 2007.

On July 23 (2007), a one day workshop was held to facilitate communication and collaboration between NYC metro area researchers in the MEMS/NEMS area. Research, insight, and then applications of MEMS/NEMS will shape the basis for the creation of technologies that will impact areas as diverse as information technology and biomedical technology along with energy, transportation, robotics, manufacturing, deep space studies, and national security.



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