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Fall 2008

PDF of the Fall 2008 schedule (11 x 17 format) available here. Seminars are typically on Wednesdays at 11am in Burchard 118 unless otherwise noted.

(Note: Tuesday seminar, BABBIO 122, 11am)
Multifunctional Excimer-Laser Lithography and Photoablation Technologies for Large-Area Micro and Nanoelectronics, Displays and Microsystems (flyer)
Kanti Jain, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP)
Professor Ed Whittaker, x5707
Synchronization and Coherence in Large Arrays of High Power Semiconductor Lasers (flyer)
Yehuda Braiman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ECE Department
Professor Yi Guo, x5658

The Deformation and Fracture of Metallic Nanoscale Structures (flyer)
Derek Warner, Cornell University
CEOE Department
Professor Frank Xu, x8711
9/26/08 (Friday 11:30am, Babbio 122)
Publishing trends and how to maximise your chances (flyer)
Dr. Peter Gregory, Editor in Chief, Advanced Materials
Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP)
Professor Svetlana Sukhishvili, x5544
Novel Ultrasonic Extrusion Process for Manufacturing of Polymer Nanocomposites (flyer)
Avraam I. Isayev, University of Akron

CEMS Department
Professor Dilhan Kalyon, x8225


MEMS-based Tools for Nanoscale Characterization (flyer)
Aman Haque, The Pennsylvania State University

ME Department
Professor E.H. Yang, x5574
10/15/08 (Wednesday afternoon)

New Jersey Technology Council: Nanotechnology Prototype Showcase (2 to 6 pm)
- Call for Abstracts
- Agenda (to be available soon)

New Jersey Technology Council

Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP)
Professor Frank Fisher, x8913

Stevens Nanotechnology Roundtable: Environmental Nanotechnology Research at Stevens (flyer)
Stevens Center for Environmental Systems

CEOE Department
Professor Mahmoud Wazne, x8993
(Note: Thursday seminar, BABBIO 310, 12pm)
In-situ reductive destruction of chlorinated solvents and immobilization of toxic metals in soils using polysaccharide-stabilized nanoparticles (flyer)
Professor Dongye Zhao, Auburn University
CEOE Department
Professor Mahmoud Wazne, x8993
Quantum Cascade Lasers (flyer)
Claire Gmachl, Princeton University
PEP Department
Professor Stefan Strauf, x5639
Ion Mobility: An Aerosol Dynamics Approach to Manipulate and Characterize NanoParticles (flyer)
Michael R. Zachariah, University of Maryland

CEMS Department
Professor Woo Lee, x8307

Advanced Nanostructure Characterization by Synchrotron Scattering/Diffraction Techniques (flyer)
Benjamin Hsiao, Stony Brook University
ME Department
Professor Frank Fisher, x8913

Polymeric Biodegradable Micelles for Gene Delivery (flyer)
Haiquan Mao, Johns Hopkins University

CCBBME Department
Professor Hongjun Wang, x5556
no seminar - Happy Thanksgiving!
Optical Spectroscopy of Individual Carbon Nanotubes (flyer)
James Misewich, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP)
Professor Matt Libera, x5259

















Seminars are typically on Wednesdays at 11am in Burchard 118 unless otherwise noted.

For further information, contact Prof. Frank Fisher (ffisher@stevens.edu, 201-216-8913).