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Spring 2014

Poster of the Spring 2014 schedule (11 x 17 format) will be available here once finalized. Nanoseminars during the Spring semester are typically on Wednesdays at 11 am in BABBIO 122 unless otherwise noted.

Nanotheranostics for In Vitro Diagnosis, In Vivo Imaging and Drug/Gene Delivery (pdf)
Shawn Chen, NIH

Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP)
Professor Hongjun Wang, x5556


Materials in 2-dimension and beyond (pdf)
Philip Kim, Columbia University

ME Department
Professor EH Yang, x5574

Fulfilling a Dream: Low Cost Synthesis of Thin Film Solar Cells (pdf)
Lili Deligianni, IBM
CEMS Department
Professor Henry Du, x5262
seminar cancelled

ME Department
Professor Chang-Hwan Choi, x5579

Engineering material properties using block copolymer self assembly (pdf)
Charles Black, Brookhaven National Laboratory
ME Department
Professor Chang-Hwan Choi, x5579
Intracellular Calcium Signaling In Osteocytes: A Mechano-Transduction-Mechano Paradigm (pdf)
Prof. Edward Guo, Columbia University

Stevens Interdisciplinary Biomaterials Research and Education (SIBRE) Group
Professor Woo Lee, x8307

no seminar - Spring Recess


no seminar


Nano-scale photonics with micron-scale light (pdf)
Dan Wasserman, University of Illinois

CEMS Department
Professor Henry Du, x5262

An Electroplating-Based Approach to Volumetric Nanomanufacturing And Its Application to Energy Conversion and Storage (pdf)
Mark G. Allen, University of Pennsylvania
ME Department
Professor EH Yang, x5574
Micro and Nanomechanical Resonators: From Devices to Systems (pdf)
Farrokh Ayazi, Georgia Tech
Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP)
Professor Negar Tavassolian, x5496



















Seminars are on Wednesdays at 11am in Babbio Room 122 unless otherwise noted.

For further information, contact Prof. Frank Fisher (ffisher@stevens.edu, 201-216-8913).