Mo Mansouri, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
School of Systems and Enterprises
Stevens Institute of Technology

Many institutions have influenced and inspired me throughout my life: cities I lived in, educational centers I attended both to teach and to learn, teams and foci I was a part as creator or member, and the group of friends I spent time with sharing thoughts, ideas, and joyful moments.

I was born in Tehran, where I lived until 2000. I attended Jahan Minoo for elementary school, National Organization for Development for Exceptional Talents (NODET) for middle and high school, Sharif University of Technology, as an undergraduate student in Industrial Engineering, and Univeristy of Tehran to obtaion my Master of Science in the same field. I was lucky to work on several interesting projects in a wide spectrum of realms at amazing engineering companies, educational institutes and research enterprises.

I moved to Washington, DC to continue my education and received my Doctor of Science in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering from the George Washington University in 2004. While in Washington, DC, I had the opportunity of working with international institutions and nongovernmental organizations, which broadened my knowledge and ignited my passion for strategic philanthropy.

I moved to San Francisco and then Santa Monica in California and had the honor of working along many powerful and passionate people who had invested their lives in social, cultural, and economic development programs all around the world. I moved to New York City after several years to join the faculty of the School of Systems and Enterprises in Stevens Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor.