Mo Mansouri, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
School of Systems and Enterprises
Stevens Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Governing Platform Design for Smart Cities

Primary research area that studies new forms of participatory governance structures for cities of the future through integration of existing data, planned sensing, and crowd sourcing. The purpose of this effort is to utilize the model-based approach in scenario-based analytics concerning the city activities.

Dashboard-based Data Visualization and Knowledge Management and Sharing Platforms for Developing Quantitative Governance Frameworks

Primary research area that focuses on data collection, analytics and visualization with the goal of creating dashboards, which enable decision makers to govern complex environments based on quantitative and real-time data.

Governance Frameworks for Complex Adaptive Socio-technical Systems

Primary research area that includes the development of frameworks, models, mechanisms, and methods for influencing desired behavioral patterns as well as performance output of complex adaptive socio-technical systems through quantifying, estimating and optimizing methodologies. This research area is applicable to all complex environments in which many stakeholders interact to achieve their own goals while following established rules and regulations of the entire system. Such frameworks can be used as a Decision Support System that guides stakeholders to allocate all their available resources effectively.

Governing Patterns of Human Behavior in Online Social Networks

This research focuses on developing frameworks for effectively governing patterns of evolution among sub-communities of the public online social networks. It improves upon analysis and understanding the dynamics of online communities and their influence on polarization / homogenization of participants. The outcomes of such research are methodic approaches for capturing dynamics of relationships within an online community and measuring polarity levels among its sub-communities, understanding patterns of change in the relative size and activity of sub-communities as well as their merging or splitting dynamics, regulating behavioral patterns using the design features of an online community.

Resilience Engineering and Decision-making under Uncertainties

The main goal of this research area is to provide the stakeholders of a complex environment with a portfolio of strategies that secure them against systemic vulnerabilities and guide them to face disruptiveness of any kind including environmental factors, market fluctuations, emergence of new technologies, terrorist attacks and etc. The research focuses on developing frameworks for modeling uncertainties in complex environments.