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Department of Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series

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| Nanotechnology Seminar Series |

Feb. 8
An Overview of the Critical Issues in Integrated Circuit Packaging (flyer)
Charles Cohn, TechSearch, Inc.
(Note: for a copy of the slides please contact; Stevens internal only)
Feb 16
(Thurs, 11am, C315)
Nanotribological wear properties of thin films using instrumented scratch testing (flyer)
Professor Chad Korach, SUNY – Stony Brook
March 1
Piezoelectric Ceramic Fiber Composites That Harvest Waste Energy to Power Electronic Systems Eliminating the Need for Batteries (flyer)
Bud Cass, President, Advanced Cerametrics
March 23
(Thurs, 11am, C315)
Development of Microactuator Technologies for Space Applications (flyer)
Dr. Eui-Hyeok Yang, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
March 29
(Wed, 11:30am, C315)
Harvesting energy using piezoelectric materials (flyer)
Professor Karla Mossi, Virginia Commonwealth University
April 5
Micro Fluidic Systems for Point-of-Care Diagnosis (flyer)
Dr. Yanbao Ma, UCLA
April 6
(Thurs, 1:30pm, C315)
Biomechanosensors for Cardiomechanical Studies Using MEMS/NEMS Technologies (flyer)
Dr. Yi Zhao, Boston University
April 13
(Thurs, 1:30pm, C315)
BioMEMS and BioNanotechnology: A Novel Approach to Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment (flyer)
Dr. Tingrui Pan, University of Minnesota
April 13
(Thurs, 2:45pm, C315)
Design of six-axis flexure-based macro-, micro- and nano-scale nanopositioners (flyer)
Professor Martin L. Culpepper, MIT

April 19
(Wed, 11am, C315)

An Experimental Study Of Catalytic And Non-Catalytic Reaction In Heat Recirculating Reactors And Applications To Power Generation (flyer)
Dr. Jeongmin Ahn, University of Southern California
April 27
(Thurs, 1:30pm, C315)
3D Optics (flyer)
Professor George Barbastathis, MIT
May 11, 2006
(Thurs, 1:30pm, C315)
Sensor rich challenges/opportunities for autonomous navigation and modern mechatronic systems (flyer)
Professor Guang Li, Tulane University
May 17
(Wed, 10am, C315)
MEMS and Microfluidics (flyer)
Professor Hongwei Sun, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
May 30
(Tues, 1:30 pm, C315)
NanoTurf – A Nanoengineered Surface: Design, Fabrication, and Application to Microfluidics and Bioengineering (flyer)
Chang-Hwan Choi, UCLA
June 21
Advances in Aerospace Sciences and Technologies - Indian Perspective (flyer)
Dr. R. Balasubramaniam, Former Director of the National Aerospace Laboratories (Bangalore, India)

Seminars are on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in Carnegie Room 315 unless otherwise noted.

For further information, contact Prof. Frank Fisher (, 201-216-8913).