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Department of Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series

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| Nanotechnology Seminar Series |

9/1/11 [Thurs]
(11am, C315)
Recent progress in novel AFM imaging techniques and nanostructured microcantilever sensors (flyer)
Dr. Seonghwan Kim, University of Alberta
Professor Choi, x5579
(11 am, Babbio 122)
Tissue Engineering by Integrating Stem Cells and Polymeric Biomaterials (flyer)
Jeremy J. Mao, Columbia University
Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP)
Professor Fisher, x8913
Design Challenges in Light Compact Aircraft Development (flyer)
Dr. R. Balasubramaniam, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Bangalore, India
Professor Prasad, x5571

Nano-/Bio-mechanical Characterization and Modeling (flyer)
Gang Feng, Villanova University

Professor Pochiraju, x8053
(11 am, Babbio 122)
Network Formation in Carbon Nanotube Composites: Understanding the Impact of a Thermosetting Matrix (flyer)
Meisha Shofner, Georgia Tech
Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP)
Professor Fisher, x8913
Stevens Graduate Student Research Conference  


Stevens Robotics & Controls Seminar Series
Robotics Research at the City College of New York
John (Jizhong) Xiao, The City College, City University of New York

Stevens Robotics & Controls Seminar Series
Professor Cappelleri, x5072

(11 am, Babbio 122)

Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy for in situ Electrical Characterization of Organic Solar Cells (flyer)
Guangyong Li, University of Pittsburgh

Professor Shi, x5594
(11 am, Babbio 122)
Materials for Energy Storage (flyer)
Jun Liu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP)
Professor Fisher, x8913
(11 am, Babbio 122)
Scientific Misconduct: the good, the bad, and the ugly (flyer)
James Harrington, Rutgers University
Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP)
Professor Fisher, x8913
No seminar - ASME IMECE Conference



No seminar - Happy Thanksgiving!
















* - Seminar marked with a star are jointly sponsored by the Nanotechnology Graduate Program seminar series.

Seminars are on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in Carnegie Room 315 unless otherwise noted.

Mechanical Engineering Department faculty meetings are typically every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 12:30.

For further information, contact Prof. Frank Fisher (, 201-216-8913).