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Various links which visitors to our lab might find of interest:

NSF-sponsored Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Sites - Searchable Database
This website provides a list of all active Research Experiences for Undergraduates Sites. To find those REU sites related to nanotechnology simply use the search term 'nano'. You can also search the datebase by state. Most sites have application deadlines in February or March - be sure to check each REU site for specific application requirements and deadlines.

NEMS/MEMS in Mech Eng @ Stevens (overview)

Information for PhD students

Nanotechnology-related EDUCATION webpages

Nanotechnology-related RESEARCH and POPULAR PRESS webpages (somewhat choronological order based on when link was added)

Other cool research topics of potential interest to the Nanomechanics and Nanomaterials Lab...

Miscellaneous websites of interest

Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering sites

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting websites

Note: all links on this page are provided for information only.

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