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MA331 Intermediate Statistics (Fall 2007)

Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:00-2:15, Room 220, Babio Center.

Syllabus Schedule

First four weeks lectures:

Lecture 1 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 2 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 3 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 4 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 5 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 6 (power point) (pdf)

Regression lectures:

Lecture 7 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 8 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 9 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 10 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 11 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 12 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 13 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 14 (power point) (pdf)

Lecture 15 (power point) (pdf)

Note: The accompanying R code can be found on the elearn website bellow:

Assignments: Please submit the assignment via the elearn website.

You should be able to login with your pipeline ID and pass. Once there select the MA 331 FALL 2007 link.

The shell is mostly empty except for the assignment tab and the course material - I will put the lectures there as well. I will post all the assignments there as it offers a very useful way of keeping track of submissions. You are welcome to use the discussion tool and to email each other. Also I believe there is some facility for the project work. Please do not email me from within webct because I do not check that email account. Instead use my regular address @stevens.edu.

Assignment 1 due Tuesday September 11, 2007

Assignment 2 due Tuesday September 18, 2007

Assignment 3 due Tuesday September 25, 2007

Assignment 4 due Tuesday October 2, 2007

Assignment 5 due Tuesday October 9, 2007

Assignment 6 due Tuesday October 16, 2007 (data files .xls, .txt, .csv)

Assignment 7 due Thursday November 1, 2007 (data files Ohiodata, AustraliaData)

Assignment 8 due Thursday November 15, 2007 (data file CheeseData)

Assignment 9 due Tuesday November 20, 2007

Assignment 10 due Friday December 7, 2007

A (very) brief introductio to R: IntroR.pdf

Splus manual accompanying the textbook. The syntax is very similar with R.

Editor for R: Tinn-R

Collaboration vs. Academic Misconduct.

Stevens Honor

Make-up exam form.

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